Received my 3rd donation on my Give Forward site!! Hope this momentum continues and the donations keep rolling in! Redid my layout on Give Forward and added a new pic! The site has been viewed over 170 times so we are getting the word out, now we just need to work on securing donors! We are getting so close to the "goal" now that the treatment part is being paid for! We are up to 3% raised!!! Please keep praying God blesses us with donations to make this journey possible and less stressful for us! I know my poor husband is beside himself about missing work and money but I know he wants to be there for me too.... I keep telling him God is good and everything will be fine and then pray like crazy I am right! haha

On a more general update note: Our daughter "graduated" from preschool this week, the baby is just a few Oz. shy of 10 lbs and 22" long, Bronson is getting excited about starting preschool now too and Braeden is really starting to loose that "babyness" about him and turn into more of a toddler! Such exciting times around here :)

Hope all the Mother's out there had a wonderful Mother's Day as well (since I am so behind!)!! Thanks to everyone who follows along! :) 

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