Our fourth child joined us Friday, April 6th, 2012! This means I can now get treatment at any time, which will hopefully be VERY soon! Candle sales are in high gear and I am booking some craft shows to sell some there as well! :) So far I have raised $100.00 on my Giveforward website (Http://www,giveforward.com/myjourneywithkeratoconus) which I am incredibly grateful for but slightly sad that only one person has chose to help! :(  If anyone is interested in candles please message me using the contact me tab and we can set something up! Picked up paperwork the other day to mail to the Dr. in California and when I opened it to put with the other stuff I realized they gave me the wrong stuff! :( So I need to call and request (for the 2nd time) the correct things and wait for them to get mailed! ARGH, so frustrating as I really wanted to have that mailed weeks ago! Oh well, what's

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