Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, summer is always super busy for us! We just celebrated our Daughter's Baptism and our Son's 2nd Birthday over the weekend, so I was a busy bee planning that and making the cakes and food! Nothing new to report sadly, still working on raising money to help with travel costs and lost wages. Still have candles for sale if anyone is interested please use the contact me tab, I can ship anywhere :) I think I am going to contact my local Lions club since I never heard back from the lady that contacted me from another area's, maybe they will be able to help! :) Trying to figure out how to talk to our church as well, I am so nervous about it and really don't know how to go about it. If you know me, you know how bad I am about asking for help! :( I have always had to rely on myself and that has made me a little bull headed about asking and taking help! I joined a Mother's Group at the church though and they are super nice, knowledgeable women so maybe they will be able to help me (when I get the courage up to talk to them anyways).  I am really praying that I will be able to share some good news in the near future, like maybe a date! :) If you have any other suggestions feel free to leave them for me either here or using the "contact me" tab!

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