My Thirty-One book party is currently live, I should be getting a link for people to order directly on-line, this will make it helpful for people who don't live close as the items will get shipped right to you! :) If you have been considering a purchase from Thirty-One in the past, what better time then now to buy and help me raise a few dollars!! :)  I must say this was the first time I looked through a catalog and was surprised at all the items in there (everything from the bags/purses, to stationary, to umbrellas, to organizers.... there is really a LOT to choose from!!).  As always, please spread the word.... maybe a friend of a friend's mother has just been dieing to buy that new purse form Thirty-One, they see the link on your wall (or hear you talk about it) and bam, that puts me one more dollar closer to treatment and she gets the purse she has been wanting with the satisfaction of knowing she helped someone out to! :) 

Also HUGE update with good news about COSTS!! After meeting with the local Dr. and talking about treatment (he actually knew about Keratoconus, Dr. Brian and Treatment *Angels Singing*) we have narrowed costs down to more like $10,000-$15,000!!! So exciting to be able to cut the estimated costs in HALF!! For me this makes my goal feel so much more attainable, $30,000 is just soooo much money I was really stressing about not being able to raise that much! $15,000 seems much more realistic and reasonable to raise, especially if I can keep getting the word out and getting little donations here and there! :) My new motto after people telling me they don't have much to give is: Every LITTLE bit helps add up to a BIG difference! :) So even if you can only buy an $8.00 candle or make a $5.00 donation, please don't feel ashamed that you can't do more, you have helped me be that much closer to my goal and for that I can't say THANK YOU enough!! :) 

Also just an FYI I am going to be setting up a Tupperware Fundraiser soon as well (I don't want to overload family and friends with parties so I am trying to space them out a little),but if you are considering buying any Tupperware I would sure appreciate if you would wait until my party goes live! :)  Again, I am hoping to have a link available to order right on-line and ship directly to you for convenience!

As always, THANK YOU all for your support and your awesome work at spreading the news (and links) around! Together we can beat this!! :)

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